Rhode Island Engagement Session – The Location Guide.

New England is full of gorgeous spots for engagement photos, and Rhode Island is no exception. So when couples ask me for location ideas, I am happy to share my personal favorites. If you are at a loss for a spot that moves you as a couple, this post is for you.

The first thing to consider is whether there's a local (ish) place that speaks to you both. It could be where you got engaged, a park you visit regularly, a beach you love, or even somewhere quirky and fun (topiary garden? donut shop? town fair? dive bar?).

If you are still at a loss or are new to the area, consider what sort of landscape feels most appealing to you as a couple: are you a state park? calm beach? trendy urban spot? architecture and skyline? rocky coast?

Here are some types of locations to consider...


Second Beach | Newport, RI - Despite it's popularity, weekday eves (when we will be shooting) are quiet. Lots of nature: sandy beach, rocks, sea grass, dunes.

Watch Hill | Westerly, RI - Lots of gorgeous spots here including a beach, a marina with stunning boats, a cute ice cream shop, and a carousel (when it's open/working :). This spot is on the RI/CT border.


Beavertail State Park | Jamestown, RI - Cliffs and rocky coastline, water views to both east and west, and a great lighthouse.

Castle Hill Lighthouse | Newport, RI - Picturesque, great spot for sunset. Tidepools. Rocky coastline. 


Downtown | Providence, RI - Lots of options here. Supreme Court building, pedestrian walkway, urban waterfront.  Yes, you can take sunset photos in a city. 

Roger Williams Park | Providence, RI - Especially the temple of music and the casino.

The State House | Providence, RI - In addition to spectacular architecture, there are gorgeous trees here too.

Downtown | Newport, RI - Gorgeous waterfront, sailboats, historic houses. Tons of possibilities.


Colt State Park | Bristol, RI – Bridges, beaches, old fieldstone buildings, this (huge) park has it all.

Borderland State Park | Sharon, MA - A gorgeous state park with a historic fieldstone mansion (as well as the usual state park beauty).


Roger Williams Botanical Garden | Providence, RI - There’s a $150 fee, but we don’t need a rain date, and it works pretty much any time of year. Closed Mondays.

The Providence Athenaeum – there’s a $250 fee, but this place is magical if you appreciate books and classic architecture. Closed Mondays.

The 4th of July Carnival/Fair, Bristol, RI.  Ferris wheel meets engagement session. Days/times are the week prior to July 4th.

Berry picking at Wards Berry Farm, Sharon, MA - A working farm with berry picking. A delightful place. Seasonal.

Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, MA - Amazing architecture, urban waterfront views. Outside only, or inside with a permit and fee.

Want to know what to expect and how to prepare for your session? Once we select a spot and session date, I will send an email with all the info you need. In the meantime, here's a blog post on how to have an awesome engagement session.